Why you should never buy a Samsung smartphone

The average cost of repairing the galaxy s8 is $200, which can purchase a middle range smartphone. Why would you spend such amount to repair a phone which is
Ultimately, we all buy a phone hoping to use it for a year or two, perhaps, additional. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you’re looking to buy and how much money you’re spending on, in the end, your ultimate goal is to have a phone that will take care of your basic smartphone needs for a long period. Most masses will take issue with me for advocating against the purchase of a Samsung smartphone. I do agree with them because they love the brand, but I think is right, we talk about some of these mistakes by Samsung.

Why you should avoid Samsung phones?

Samsung as a company understands that they don’t have a product line like Apple. The company produces a bunch of phones and sometimes end up losing focus on what phone to reinforce for. They make noise about phone during launch and dump it the next year for supposedly a new flagship.

The cost to repair a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen

Samsung by far the only phone manufacturer that puts so much into phone display rather than the software and hardware, this explains why most of their phones are Bork-prone due to their plastic designs. The average price of repairing the galaxy S8 is $200, which can purchase a middle range smartphone. I’ve never seen a flagship phone slug and lag like the galaxy S8 does. This was a phone Samsung made so much noise about and barely two years the phone starts crashing. If they could just give software supports, at least it’ll help optimize the phone to be able to run smoothly because no one wants to spend a huge amount to repair a phone which manufacturers isn’t even going to pull in updates for.

Lack of support

Again, there are a lot of Samsung phones in the market lacking necessary monthly security patch. The company has too many phones to push an update to. Consider, for example, Galaxy S8 which is one of their flagship product that was introduced 17th of April 2017. Currently running Android 9, most owners of galaxy S8 have no clue when they will receive android 10. Perhaps the only solution will be rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM which will also void their warranty.

Already there are cheap Chinese phones in the market offering upgraded service to their users. Nokia and OnePlus are strengthening the competition for Samsung by offering updates and monthly security patches. My question is, do I have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a phone that will not receive an update after two years? Not just that, but turn to be buggy after two years due to poor optimization of Samsung’s OneUI.


My little advice to you is if you are planning to purchase a Samsung smartphone, I’ll suggest you flip it a second thought. My reason is the galaxy S10 and Note 10 you see today will be junked in the next 2 years. The sadness around it all is they will not display them on their official website anymore. It’s up to you and what your tastes are, you have the ultimate right on what brand of phone or model to buy, but if you trust my opinion, I’ll suggest you rescind your intent to purchase a Samsung smartphone.