Coronavirus: 5 things you can do in self-isolation

Coronavirus: 5 things you can do in self-isolation

Most countries are locked down as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Daily routines have been shifted course and people find themselves in either self-isolation or quarantine. It is impossible to visit friends and family. A lot of people have been separated, making it impossible to observe the normal daily activities.

Moments like this makes people feel weary and impatient due to lack of interest on current activities of the masses. Obviously, the human mind is not used to this kind of situation, hence it’ll take time for the body to adjust. In the middle of this, there are some things you can do to keep yourself from ennui.

As we find ourselves stuck in our homes with nowhere to go, I’ve outlined five things you can do to help your self-isolation process.

1. Learn a new skill.

One of the many things you can do in self-isolation is to learn something new. You can task yourself in this trial moments to equip yourself with something new. It could be a cooking class online or maybe a new language lesson. Take advantage of the current situation and learn a new skill that could impact greatly on your life. At least when the dust settles and normality resumes, that could be your reference point. Try to be a little handy to save some money.

2. Read new books.

You probably have a book you’ve never touched or didn’t feel the need to read. This is the time to read that book. Even so, you can also buy ebooks from Amazon books and read. Remember that knowledge of power. Therefore, practice self-knowledge acquisition and read a lot of books during self-isolation can only enhance your capabilities and skill. Doing likewise will help you release stress and boredom.

3. Engage friends and family online.

You’re in quarantine or self-isolation and so you can’t have face-to-face contact with family, friends or work colleagues. Thanks to technology, there are several means of keeping in touch with them. Make them experience your presence by engaging them in a conversation online. Make them read that out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

4. Watch a favourite movie.

You might have seen a lot of movies, but there’s maybe a special movie you’ve never watched. This is the time for you to achieve that. You might never get an unoccupied time in your life like this. Find the time as you’re in self-isolation period and watch that movie.

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5. Start an online business.

If there is one lesson that this Coronavirus has taught us, it’s working online or working from home. People who own business will tell you that the Covid-19 outbreak has caused them a lot of capital. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With $100 you can get a professional to build you a very responsive e-commerce website or a blog. This will add extra income in addition to your main job.

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All in all, we’re in difficult times and we must do our utmost best to instil confidence and hope in each other. We shall vanquish this morning and return to normality.