Updates: Covid-19 cases recorded in Ghana

Covid-19 has been a brutal 'killing machine' around the globe. The virus has claimed thousands of lives, showing no mercy.
[Photo credit: CHIP] Covid-19

has been a brutal ‘killing machine’ around the globe. The virus has claimed thousands of lives, showing no mercy. Till we find a cure, the cases in will continue to spread. No individual, group or country is secure from this deadly illness. For unaffected countries, the first line of defence is perhaps a solid contingency plan.


When Ghana recorded the first two Covid-19 imported cases, the experts warned that it’ll take a short possible time before the disease starts to spread.

Ghana as at 23rd March 2020, tested a total of 521 suspected cases with 27 confirmed including 2 deaths. Remaining 25 who are currently undergoing treatment.

With regards to contact tracing, a total of 598 cases was documented with one person showing signs and symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. Nineteen people have also completed a 14-day mandatory follow up.

When taken at a press conference if Ghana will be locked down, the information minister Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah said the president doesn’t just take decisions by himself. He further explained that experts will advise the decision-makers and as and when the need arises, the president will make a final determination.

The Covid-19 cases in Ghana have increased from 2 to 53 within 14 days. Below is the chronological order of events of Covid-19 Ghana’s outbreak response updates. The list entails the number reported Covid-19 cases in Ghana as at 24th December 2020.