Video: One person recovers from Coronavirus in Ghana

One person recovers in Ghana
One person recovers in Ghana

There is wild jubilation in Ghana as the country enters its first Coronavirus patient recovery.

Footage of an alleged Coronavirus patient being discharged from the hospital amid jubilation has brought joy all over Ghana and social media.

From the commentary in the video, he was quarantined after he tested positive for the covid-19 virus. With the assistance of the medical team, now he has recouped from the illness.

The man in the video is identified as a Chinese whose real identity has not been determined. understands that he travelled to Ghana for a business, but was quarantined upon showing signs and symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.

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One person recovers from Coronavirus.

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In the video, the medical team was seen clapping and sharing in his joy as he walked out of the faculty with two others believed to be family and friends.

Officially, the ministry of health and the ministry of information has not put out any information with regards to the good news. Therefore, Ghana’s confirmed cases still remain 68 people with 3 dead.

This has inspired hope in Ghanaians knowing we can trust the system to deliver. This is good news and will give hope to many people in the country. monitored and we will keep you updated

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