Introducing the countertop smart Brava oven

Brava oven
Brava smart oven

Technology has been helpful, but it has never been sufficient. There is always room for improvement as new tech ideas keep popping up each and every day.

Recently, I’ve found myself in the house due to the lockdown which led to excessive use of microwave more often than before. My current microwave is working, but it lacks certain features. Luckily, I found this new microwave online from Brave that I would love to share with my visitors. Before I talk about the new microwave, I would like to mention that, this isn’t an affiliate marketing advocate.

Countertop smart oven

I stand to gain nothing from any link provided in the post. Am only sharing a gadget I found that could solve cooking problems for many people.

Let me also point out that my desire to share was motivated by the innovative features and general performance of this particular microwave. It is nothing close to what I’ve seen over the years. This has nothing to do with commissions.

Brava Oven features

Brava oven combines visible and infrared light to make cooking faster. It is more efficient compared to the hot air convection ovens currently available in the market. It targets light within the oven and adjusts the amount of light in the oven. What this means is the Brava oven enables you to cook all at once sauteed, grilled, seared and baked at a go without having to do so separately.

With its six powered lamps that turn on and off in between cooking ensures a specific focus zone in the oven without heating around it. It features 8 temperature sensors and two-particle detectors. Another amazing thing about the Breva Oven is you can watch your food live while it cooks.

Also, when connected to your smartphone through an app, you can remotely watch or pause your cooking. Brava oven supports wifi connectivity hence its ability to update the software and recipes via over the air [OTA].

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Countertop oven from Brava 😍😍

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Brava Oven offers a variety of functions compared to similar products in the market.

For more details, visit the official website of Brava Oven.

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