FanMilk Ghana to cease production of FanIce?

FanMilk Ghana to cease production of FanIce?
FanMilk Ghana

Reports reaching indicate that FanMilk Ghana will stop production of FanIce after almost 60 years as Ghana’s favourite ice cream. Speculations are rife as to the reasons why the company is making this move but the news may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of Ghanaians. Some have said that FanIce may be the best ice cream in the world so it is truly strange that these rumours are making rounds.

The official statements released by the company reveal that @FanYogoGhana, @FanChocoGhana and @SuperYogo ghana remain active on all social media networks. However, all content for @FanIceGhana seems to have gone missing or never even existed, thus further fueling rumours that the ice cream may be pulled out of the market.

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FanIce has been an active part of Ghanaian culture and many childhood memories. The brand popularized the “SO NICE” moniker and many Ghanaian millennials can sing the “FanIce song” word for word. Without FanIce, celebrations, after church activities and many intimate moments may never be the same again.

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Currently, we’re awaiting official comment from the FanMilk communication team and will update Ghanaians as soon as there is official word on this developing situation.