Video: Shatta Wale sacks his Militants, calls them wack musicians

Shatta Wale and his Militants
Shatta Wale and his Militants

Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known in the showbiz as Shatta Wale, has clarified why he has sacked his SM Militants.

In a video, Shatta Wale revealed he sacked the Militants (Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77 and Natty Lee) in mid-January this year.

The SM Boss said these musicians were not living up to his expectation—as their creativity was below par and their songs were full of trash.

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Shatta Wale revealed these musicians refused to listen to his advice he offered them to write rational songs which would fetch them money—as well as make him and the Shatta Movement fans proud.

He emphasized how difficult it is to work with people who do not follow and obey simple instructions.

The ‘Freedom’ composer said it got to a time that they ganged up against him and begin to sabotage his music career.

Shatta Wale was shocked about how his boys are being unappreciative despite all the things he did for them.

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Before their exit, Shatta Wale disclosed they did a lot of things together which include having se*ual bouts with the same girls.

He threatened to beat them up if they do not stop the bickering and unnecessary rants about him.

Watch the video below.