My Perfect TV app to stimulate the Ghana film industry

My Perfect TV app to stimulate the Ghana film industry

For some time there have been many laments on the state of ’s movie industry and the inability to keep financially boosting from productions after movies have been premiered in the cinema. Many have also languished over the system that staves off most of our local industry movies, from getting to the cinema. This is when my perfect TV app comes in handy.

With the inception of technology and the DVD came huge piracy. The emergence of the internet further paralyzed the limping movies industry.

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Netflix, AppleTV and HBO are just a few names that give Hollywood and many other industries a lifeline. Especially with the commencement of the novel , African movie producers are acknowledging that options are limited, in terms of local stream platforms.

The is what “My Perfect TV” explains is their rationale for showing up at this time. This platform gives streaming of locally produced movies and series; giving producers and fans a platform to monetize and consume Ghanaian movies.

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According to a spokesperson for My Perfect TV App, they explained that a bunch of studies went into a decision to give local language movies, a presence on the platform.

We have the top notch Ghanaian English Language movies. We’d announce some titles at the launch and also give everyone a chance to witness how many “Kumawoood” films are available on”.

He also applauded all producers who created cinema that tell stories from a Ghanaian standpoint.

My perfect tv app user interface