ExpressPay starts international money transfer feature

ExpressPay starts international money transfer feature

ExpressPay has officially launched its international money transfer feature for users in the UK.

With this feature, users in the UK can send money through the expressPay app to users in Ghana.

In an online demo by CEO Curtis Vanderpuije and his team, a user in the UK demoed sending British Pounds from her expressPay app to mobile money in Ghana.

The UK Pounds was would be converted into cedis into the user’s mobile money wallet. 

The company stated that the service is currently free for the sender of the transfers.

The feature is currently live for users in the UK to conduct money transfers to Ghana. 

However, users in Ghana cannot make money transfers to the UK because of Bank Of Ghana restrictions on outbound international money transfers.

The company again stated that they hoped to launch more money transfer corridors in other European countries soon.

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