5 Nollywood actors who died begging for funds for their treatment while they were sick

5 Nollywood actors who died begging for funds for their treatment while they were sick
Martins Njubuigbo

The story of these top actors buttresses the point that beneath the burnish Nollywood present, there’s a stark reality of immiseration that many aren’t aware of.

Most of us always assumed these actors are very rich, something which is nourished in our subconscious mind owing to the flashiness and beauty they exhibit on and off the screens.

Nonetheless, that is not always the case. These 5 actors I’m are going to talk about died bitterly after falling sick and were unable to fund their medical bills.

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They turned mendicants before dying— guess help came late while others were not even fortunate to have people coming to their aid.

1. Martins Njubuigbo

Martins Njubuigbo died in October 2016, after he battled with liver disease for a long time. The actor was said to be in need of 1 million Naira for his hospital bills and begged for funds from his colleagues and the general public.

2. Olumide Bakare

The Ibadan based actor was admitted into UCH Hospital in Ibadan after suffering cardiac arrest.

3. Prince James Uche

Prince James Uche remained home with stroke and other sicknesses while his son called out on to the general public for funds for his treatment. Desmond Elliot came to his aid, he, however gave up the ghost days later.

4. Ashley Nwosu

Ashley Nwosu died in April 2011 after battling with liver complications at age 58.

5. Enebeli Elebuwa

The actor battled stroke for a while and it kept on getting worse by the day until the Delta state government came to his aid and flew him to India for medical attention. Unfortunately, the actor died immediately not long after he arrived at the Indian hospital.