5 things that will make you love Kumasi

5 things that will make you love Kumasi

The world economy is facing a financial crisis. God’s job is hard to get hold of everywhere in the world. The cost of living has skyrocketed giving rise to poor living conditions. For people living in Ghana, few jobs pay minimum wage. It’s not just a fluke that internet fraud has increased all over the world.

Young people are inclined to do anything to survive. There is no algorithm for solving Ghana’s problems. But there’s something you can do to help put yourself in better circumstances. Making life choices sometimes involve giving up on things you love. Forfeiting momentarily happiness for long-term contentment.

Why Kumasi is the best place for you.

Choosing a place to settle in Ghana is crucial to being prosperous in life. I’m fortunate to have stayed in three different regions in Ghana. The little experience I acquire while staying in the Western region, Ashanti region, and Greater Accra region is something that inspired this post.

This is an experience worth sharing. I’ve compiled good reasons that make Kumasi a better place for the young and people looking forth to becoming entrepreneurs.

1. Low cost of living in Kumasi.

The cost of living in Kumasi is one reason I will recommend this city to every young man who wants to start life. No matter how inflation increases, things are always inexpensive in the city. Fuel prices have gone up over the years, but it is reasonable to say taxi and ‘Petroski’ fare in Kumasi is pretty low compared to other regions.

Rent is relatively cheap notwithstanding, most landowners continue to demand one-year advance payment, defying the 6 months legal requirement specified by the Act of 1963. The point is irrespective of how small your income is, you’ll be able to afford your small convenient place to stay.

2. Food

The cost of preparing local food in Kumasi is arguably the cheapest I’ve seen. With GH₵ 40-50, you can comfortably prepare and enjoy your favorite local food of your choice for a family of 4. Foodstuffs are economical and you get them fresh from the local farms.

3. Tourism.

Tourists coming to the city will love the premium reception of the hotels at an affordable rate. I’m in no way saying there aren’t expensive hotels in Kumasi, but for other hotels charging a higher price for ostensively equal service makes a night in a hotel in Kumasi better and good value for money.

4. Business.

Entrepreneurs stand a better chance of flourishing in Kumasi. The cost of starting a business in Kumasi is moderately reasonable. There may be challenges when it comes to doing business in Kumasi, but with dedication, you can make it happen.

5. Culture.

Kumasi represents the most powerful kingdom in Ghana and the world at large. Bonded with great culture and tradition from marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, the funeral, and history.

If there is one thing the people of Kumasi love so much, it is their history and culture. With the powerful kingdom behind the city, it is noted for being one of the best culturally-infused cities globally.


Kumasi is a beautiful place with many promising opportunities for all kinds of people. It might not be perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, but it offers something richer beyond human expectations and what the eyes can see.

For instance, rich culture, amazing tourist sceneries, powerful kingdom, Low cost of living and above all a hospitable reception. Looking for a place to start a business, visit, or a place to settle and call it home, look no distant as the City of Kumasi offers you all that.