5G technology: Huawei loses out to Nokia and Ericsson

5G technology: Huawei loses out to Nokia and Ericsson

Chinese tech equipment giant Huawei has lost out to Nokia and Ericsson in the construction of Singapore’s main 5G technology networks. However, Huawei may be granted the bid in building the broader ecosystem at a reduced quantity. 

Local telcos were assigned the ultimate approval on Wednesday by the country’s regulator, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), to start creating the two national networks. They were provisionally assigned in April and had to finalize the regulatory process.

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As we all know, 5G technology refers to the fifth generation of high-speed mobile internet that strives to deliver faster data speeds and more bandwidth to carry rising demands of web traffic.

Singapore Telecommunications revealed it is in conversations with Ericsson [a Swedish based company] to be the primary seller for its 5G technology and localized networks. Apiece, there will be a joint venture between Starhub and M1, called the Joint-Venture Consortium, said it appointed Finland’s Nokia as the preferred technology partner to build its 5G network. 

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Singtel and the joint venture between Starhub and M1 will each create a standalone 5G technology network. These are infrastructure designed using 5G-specific technologies, giving wide-area coverage using the most productive range accessible. Nonetheless, the understand that it is going to be extremely expensive to build. 

All four telcos in Singapore are also going to offer localized 5G services.