6 lifestyles Ghanaians should avoid in 2020

6 lifestyles Ghanaians should avoid in 2020

Ghanaians are loving and receptive people. They treat all kinds of persons with kindness and the respect they deserve. It’s difficult to point out who a Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian is because the indigenous of this great country are not discriminating.

It is not by chance that Ghana is considered one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the world at large. However, there is more room for improvement. By all this virtue of Ghanaians, there are certain behaviours that ought to be annihilated.

Find in this post, six lifestyles Ghanaians need to change from;

1. Ghanaians are way too Hospitable

Hospitality in itself is a good thing, nonetheless when we overdo it, it loses its significance. In as much as I love the hospitality of Ghanaians, sometimes I think we treat foreigners with so much care and love—which turn to have disadvantage on their fellow countrymen/women. Though being receptive is good, but it shouldn’t be to the disadvantage of your own people. We must learn to treat all people with the respect they deserve without considering what we stand to gain.

2. Fawning

Sycophancy is a lifestyle that is killing the generation of this country. In our homes, churches, schools, workplace and social media, fawning is demonstrated in all facets of our lives. Ghanaians see everything done by their favourite politicians, pastor, musician and celebrity as perfect. How can a nation develop with bootlickers who seek personal interest and not the interest of the majority?

3. Believing every report on radio and TV

Until Ghanaians understand that not every information put out by television and radio are always not accurate, we cannot progress as poepl. Most politicians have established radio and television stations to promote their political interest. I’ve had most people defend issues that aren’t true and when asked the source, they’ll reply “I heard it on the radio”. This is one of the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

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4. Superfluous political talk shows on radio and television

The political talk show takes up 60 percent of our radio and TV airtime. From 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening, you would find people discussing politics on TV and radio. Politics is one piece of human life, but it adds no value to our individual lives. Citizens of more advanced countries get involved with politics during the political season. Here in Ghana, even after elections, party loyalists kick start with preparations for the next election. When we are supposed to come together to build the country together, we let politics shred us apart. No country can progress with this selfishness exhibited by her people.

5. Social media clout

Gone are the days where information took days and weeks to reach targeted destinations. I remember growing up as a little boy, it took 3 days for the family to receive the news of the passing of my grandfather. Things have changed since—and information travels faster than before. This has become possible due to mobile phones, social media and the internet. The sad part of the current generation is, people [espedthr youth] assumes they can be famous by going naked, or perhaps, doing something bizarre on social media. The youth will do anything to gain special advantage or influence without factoring in the consequences. The quest for social media clout has destroyed the lives of many young Ghanaians who had prospects.

6. Overspending on funeral celebrations

It seems reasonable to me if a billionaire wants to honour his/her relative after their demise. Deeming how they took care of you while alive and how important they are to you. It’s only fair that they’re given a befitting farewell. It really comes to be an issue where people borrow money from the bank to organize a luxurious funeral. People that found it difficult to secure a three square meal a day while alive gets berried in golden ornaments. This is something I can’t comprehend. I believe it has to be quelled for a better Ghana.