9 practical ways you can adopt to make your home child-friendly

Making your home child-friendly
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Bearing children is one of the most fulfilling things in life. You grow, laugh, learn and cry together. Kids are small curious humans who really don’t understand the consequences of picking up a bread knife. And as such, you need to make your home as child-friendly as possible, so that such risks are minimal. Wondering how? Continue reading to find out.

A child-friendly home should have;

Reorganize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important space in every home, and where kids are more likely to find themselves. So you need to make sure that it is safe for them.

As you remodel your kitchen, keep in mind that the days of placing sharp objects in the lower units are over. The glass is also a no-go when filling those lower cabinets, and anything that your kid can pull out and throw around.

You can also get child locks for most kitchen cabinets and drawers from reputable dealers, like Wolds Kitchens & Interiors. At least your kid will be safe until they find out how to open them, then you have to teach them on kitchen safety measures.

Turn A Living Room Into A Play Area

Create easy-to-reach stylish storage to entertaining rooms such as your dining room or living room. Although you may want to keep the room looking pristine and pretty, your children can enjoy playing with toys and games. They can also store their items when it’s time to clean the room.

Add Storage For Toys

Some homes are not designed with kids in mind. That’s why you may need to add more storage for the kids to keep their toys. As you do that, make sure you manage stuff from overflowing by using multifunctional furniture.

Savvy storage solutions can easily control clutter. For instance, you can get these clever play table and chairs that allow them to easily access their toys and colouring supplies, and easily put them back.

And since these tables and chairs come with their own cabinets for storage, they can be placed in any room without adding any toy boxes or shelves.

Add Fun Elements

Adding some silly elements in your home can be amusing to your kids and guests. Kids love fun and such elements make them feel comfortable. You can easily do that using an art print or a small wallpaper feature wall. You can even use an animal toothbrush holder. Everyone, especially kids need a laugh, so make them laugh by adding a few silly elements.

Involve Your Kids In Décor Decisions

Kids love to make decisions too, so involve them when decorating their spaces, choosing a quirky clock or cushions for the playroom. Involving them in such decisions also makes them feel important.

Create Space For Chilling And Reading

Kids are busy people who are always on the go. And just like adults, they also need some time to chill, look at photos or read a book. Therefore, it is wise to create a separate space for them to do in your home.

You can add a couple of beanbags in the space. A few floor cushions and picture rails in the corner of their bedroom can also be effective.

Introduce Nature In Children’s Spaces

Introducing plants in your home can be a great source of fresh air and positive effects on your minds. You can also assign them the responsibility of taking care of each plant. This helps inculcate responsibility at an early age.

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You can make it more interesting by allowing them to choose a plant and a pot in the garden to use. If they want to paint the pot, then buy an affordable, simple terracotta pot.

Include Their MasterPieces

When children create something, they love sharing it with others. So pick a few of their work and fit them in big frames for display. You can keep changing them once per month or whenever they request you to.

Kids love it when parents showcase their efforts. It encourages them to do better. Also, you are not likely to run out of options, since there is always something new they’re working on.

Rounded Furniture

Children often find a corner to bump into even if your home has enough space. To reduce the risk of damaging their heads or legs, consider using rounded furniture since they have no sharp edges. Having such furniture saves you from worrying about your kid bumping into corners.

Just make sure you choose furniture with durable finishes that can be used daily without worrying about stains or spills because they’re easy to clean.

Kids bring excitement and life into many homes. However, if their interests are not considered when redesigning, they may feel left out and neglected. With these tips, you can make your home more child-friendly.

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