A.B Crentsil’s one week observation scheduled for August 22

A.B Crentsil’s one week observation scheduled for August 22

The family of the late highlife musician, A.B. Crentsil has scheduled his one week observation for August 22, 2022.

Per the release from the family, the Bethel Methodist Society in Community 8 in Tema is where the observation will take place.

The late A.B. Crentsil became proficient in playing the guitar and started singing along when playing it. He was simultaneously working as an electrician and playing with the Strollers Band owned by one Kwesi Donkor.

Crentsil has played with the El Dorados, the Sweet Talks – which latter group in the 1970s, under the joint leadership of Crentsil and Smart Nkansah, were the resident band at The Talk Of The Town Hotel in Tema, with Crentsil as lead singer — and then finally the Ahenfo Band.

Before joining the Sweet Talks Band with Smart Nkansah and later forming his own band, Ahenfo, the singer of the well-known and contentious songs “Moses and Atia” had a long career in a variety of bands.

The veteran musician passed away on July 13th after a protracted illness.