A girl I brought from the village to a city and enrolled in a school, dumped in her final year and travelled to the states with another man —Man Laments

A girl I brought from the village to a city and enrolled in a school, dumped in her final year and travelled to the states with another man —Man Laments

A jilted and betrayed man has taken to social media, Facebook to seek help on how to heal his broken heart.

The kind-hearted man revealed how he brought a girl from the village 6 years ago to take care of her and marry her after she is done schooling. However, things didn’t go as planned as the lady has abandoned him for another man.

Story below;

“Please sir I need your help. I am 30 years old working in the forestry department. I met this lady about 6 years ago in a village I went to do my service. She was beautiful both physically and at heart.”

“This made me fall in love with her and brought her along with me to Kumasi after the service with the permission of her parents after a little dowry paid to secure her as the wife just in case.”

“I helped her to continue school as I promised her parents to help her to continue her education to the level she wants. Life has been smooth with her after all these years just until 2 years ago when she reached level 2 in her tertiary education. He started changing, she wasn’t a fan of makeup but she started applying it.”

“She wasn’t a fan of wearing jeans trousers and mini skirts but she started wearing them although she wasn’t dressing poorly as people may call it Efie Zabawa. Her modesty in dressing is what makes me love her more. Just last year, I saw her with new iPhone 12 pro max and I asked where she got that from, and she said it was given to her as a birthday gift by a mate. Now we don’t have regular conversations like we used to, our sex life has changed and she always complains of being tired, she only cooks when she prefers.”

“Last year November, while she was in the bathroom, a message appeared on her phone and with a glance at it, it was a money transaction which was about 4000ghc and the total amount I saw in her account was 21,245ghc. I was shocked because the wife I know was a level 4 student who doesn’t work or do any business that will fetch her that amount of money. I decided not to speak of it but I asked her a few days later and she said it was a contributional fund they are collecting at school for a project.”

“After 2 weeks later she told me she was traveling to Accra for project work at the University of Ghana. She called me the next morning but after a few tries in the evening to call her, it wasn’t going through so I stopped. The next day too I tried with no luck again. It was days and weeks. Finally, I got a message from a foreign number with the country code indicating Los Angeles CA. It was her and all she could tell me was “thank you for everything and all you’ve done for me. Bringing me out of nothing to make me someone in life. But with the level I have come to, I think you deserve someone better than me. I have been cheating behind your back for too long and now I have fallen completely for this man that I can’t resist his love. I am now 2 months pregnant for him and to secure the baby and our future, I have moved to be with him in America.”

“Please, I know telling you this will break you down but I can’t keep on pretending forever. Find someone better and spend the rest of your life with because nothing good comes from me to you even if you’re with an ungrateful person like me. Please open my bag, there is an amount of 12,000ghc inside, use it for yourself and try not to think of me anymore. For the rest of my things please send them to my mom, and if she insists she doesn’t need them, burn them.”

“I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive my ungratefulness.” Breaking the news to her parents has left her dad even sick and too ashamed to face me.
Sir, I am dying and I don’t know what to do. My heart has been shattered. Please help me.