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Agnes Ntow quits YFM

Agnes Ntow is no longer with Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company (GMABC). She worked with YFM for 7 years. The former host of YFM’s Room Service has conveyed her appreciation to her listeners and former employers. Agnes Ntow is the second person to quit YFM after Caroline Sampson’ departure. 

Agnes Ntow’s message to her listeners and her employers

To my listeners

What an incredible journey this has been.  I began hosting Room Service on April 2, 2013, and each night that I signed on, you guys made my job worthwhile. Thank you for allowing me into your homes, cars, and hearts to entertain, uplift, and inspire you. 

 I never got the opportunity to express my gratitude to you for what you’ve done. In 2018, when Room Service was brought back, within 3 weeks of hosting my father transitioned. He was my hero, best friend, greatest cheerleader, and confidant. At that moment, I almost lost my will to live. 

The genuine response, laughter, and love that radiated from you guys each night since his passing fed my soul and helped with my healing process. Thank you for trusting me with your personal stories to share on the platform, serving as a constant reminder of purpose creating a positive impact on lives.

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To all of the guests who honoured my invitation, I’m forever grateful to you because you helped make the show the success that it became. To the CEO and COO of GMABC, you gave me a blank canvas and from it, I created a masterpiece. I’m forever grateful to this organization for giving me the opportunity and freedom to fully express my creativity.

To Eddy Blay, you’ve been the best boss I’ve had in these 7 years with the company. Thank you for believing in me when others didn’t.To DJ Snoop, we created a show and soundtracks for people to fall in love and make babies to, how LEGENDARY is that?! I love you deeply and thank you for riding with me till the very end! I put my heart and soul into this show and it’s been an honour serving you. Like all good things, this journey has come to an end. Please show the same love to my next chapter. Thank you and I love you, deeply.

During her time at YFM, Agnes was named one of the most influential women in media by UNAIDS, and nominated as a “Rising Star” for the Media and Broadcasting Awards. She is the first and only host of Sky Live- a Sky Girls initiative- created by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Furthermore, she created, Know Your Status, a program for tertiary students to create awareness on wellness, sexual, and reproductive health. This initiative has garnered support from UNFPA. GHANA AIDS Commission, and West African AIDS Foundation. You can listen to Agnes Ntow podcast by following this link:

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