Apple has launched a COVID-19 website and app in partnership with CDC and the White House

Tim Cook CEO of Apple
Tim Cook CEO of Apple

Apple has launched a new website and an app that will deliver a screening tool for COVID-19 symptoms as well as up-to-date data from trusted sources about the coronavirus outbreak.

The software which was launched today, was developed in union with the Centers for Disease Control, the White House-led Coronavirus Task Force and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

The COVID-19 app has been made available on Apple’s App Store. There’s also a website version of the app that can be accessed from Mac, Windows or Android phones and computers. 

The software was developed by Apple’s health team to help people protect themselves by accessing reliable resources from home. The website is made up of questions about risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms pertained to Coronavirus.

The App and the web version of the software outline a recommendation on the next approach. This includes whether a test is required or one should self-isolate at home.

For individuals who experience serious symptoms, according to the software, are instructed to call 911. On the other hand, people whose test show milder symptoms are taken through a process. This standard procedure includes prescribed pedagogy.

Apple has clarified that the app and website do not require users to sign in with an Apple ID, and Apple will not collect individual responses or share them with the government. The challenge with the software is its limitations across the United States.

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