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Awo Yaa shares a touching story of how she turned into a drunkard after some people in Kumawood used ‘Juju’ on her

Kumawood actress, Awo Yaa Ampaw Agyeiwaa has shared a touching story of how she became a drunkard.

In an interview with Theophilus Annan on Oman Channel that has come across, Awo Yaa disclosed she became a habitual drunkard within a short time.

According to Awo Yaa, she used to crave alcohol sometimes around 5:30 AM.

It was normal that we will go out sometimes and drink a little bit but it got to a time a was drinking a lot. As early as 5:30 in the morning I would feel like drinking and I was thinking I was being funky and having fun. But the people around me started seeing it was not normal. I remember you once told me it is not normal for a woman to be drinking the way I was drinking.

The actress further revealed that it got to a time, Kumawood producers and directors didn’t want to cast her in movies. Their reason was that whenever Awo Yaa was brought on board—she’ll drink and mess up the entire production.

This was a situation that affected her job in the Kumawood movie industry.

I am someone who is very hyper so when the alcohol became a part of me, I was left with a temper. I was so temperamental and people knew that I was not tolerant of cheating so even if an issue was not about me, I will end up fighting. It started affecting my work with people saying as for Awo Yaa if you bring her to your set, she will drink and mess things up.

She recalled how one infamous Pastor saved her from this situation—after some popular Pastors have extorted money from her but they couldn’t help.

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