Ayisha Modi receives a brand new Range Rover Velar which costs over $42,000 from her 19-year-old son [watch photo]

Entertainment enthusiast and self-acclaimed godmother of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi aka She Love Stonebwoy has just been gifted a brand new Range Rover Velar which costs over $42,000 by his 19-year-old son.

Ayisha Modi took to her Instagram page a couple of minutes ago to share this great news with the world.

According to her caption, she has not been able to stop her tears from flowing since her son gave her the big news about the purchase of the car.

She also prayed that God will bless her son for showing her this unconditional love and begged all her followers to do the same because she never expected anything like this from him.

“I can’t stop crying 😢. My heart ♥️ can’t stop 🛑 beating, I can’t stop shaking @young.lord1010 . Son Son Son Son Son Son. I just don’t know what to say, all I can do now is to 😭. God pls if this is a dream wake me up from it pls. Jesussssssss Godson mm. What kind of LOVE ❤️ is this Lord.? Thank you 🙏 my son. I beg everyone of u following me to thank this 19 year old boy for the love 💕 his has for me. Son am so grateful am not in tears 😭 cos of the Car but am in tears 😭 of the Love 💕 and Care u have for me. I can’t just think Far mpo. I truly appreciate you blood 🩸”

Alisha Modi made sure that there was no doubt that whatever she was saying as shared what looks like the receipt of the purchase of the Range Rover Velar.

See receipt of the Range Rover Velar below