Top 5 best surgeons the world has ever seen

Top 5 best surgeons in the world

Best surgeons in the world are those that are able to use incisions with instruments to treats injury or disease through medical procedures. To be classified among the best surgeons in the word requires preparedness not just to learn a great deal, but also to have the right sort of attitude for the job.

Like any other profession, there are masters of the profession— that is people whose actions paved way for a lot of procedures employed today. These people showed unique knowledge for precise diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Their researches have been used in various universities around the globe.

This post is the sort to bring to light 5 best surgeons in the world who have contributed immensely to various surgical procedures that changed the world of surgery.

The top 5 best surgeons in the world who contributed greatly to the world.

  • Denton Arthur Cooley: Born on August 22, 1920,  in Houston, Texas, Dr Denton Arthur Cooley was an American heart and cardiothoracic surgeon famous for performing the first implantation of a total artificial heart. Dr Cooley’s career sloped the history of modern-day cardiovascular surgery. In fact, he developed many of today’s commonly used cardiovascular surgery procedures and devices. Throughout his career as a surgeon, he and his team of doctors performed almost 115,000 open-heart procedures. Aside from being one of the best heart surgeons the world has ever seen, Dr Cooley wrote and co-authored more than 1,300 scientific procedures papers and 12 books. Some of which are currently used today.

  • Thomas Starzl: Dr Thomas Earl Starzl was born on March 11, 1926, and died on March 4, 2017. He was one of the best, if not the best organ transplant. He performed the first-ever liver transplant in the world. Dr Starzl created a new drug that would make transplant an accepted treatment for many diseases doctors couldn’t cure then. One of his successes entailed the world’s first series of successful kidney allotransplantations.

  • Maria Siemionow: Maria is recognised as one of the best surgeons in the world. Maria Siemionow is a polish transplant surgeon. In 2008, she led a team of eight surgeons through the world’s first near-total face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. Her work on repairing nerve damage revolves around the innovative use of epineural sheaths. The epineurium is a layer of tissue that surrounds, nourishes and protects bundles of nerves and enhances nerve regeneration.

  • Eric M. Genden: Doctor Eric M. Gender is a United States surgeon specialised in head and neck cancer. Dr Genden supervises a National Institutes of Health-funded basic science laboratory that studies the transplantation immune biology of the trachea and larynx. He performed the first jaw transplant in North America, on a patient who carried the donated jaw in one of the back muscles for 8 months in 2006. In 2003, Dr Eric Genden performed the first recorded tracheal transplantation that combined donor trachea cartilage with tissue from his patient.
  • Dr James T. Goodrich:  Dr James T. Goodrich, the neurosurgeon who allowed CNN inside a remarkable operation to separate twins Jadon and Anias McDonald. Goodrich died on after complications related to Covid-19 on Monday 29th March 2020. He came into the spotlight when he operated on Carl and Clarence Aguirre, twins from the Philippines who shared about 8 centimetres of brain tissue. Dr James led a team of 40 doctors to separate Anias and Jadon at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. The surgery took 27 hours.

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