Bose announces QC45 headphones

Bose announces QC45 headphones

It’s been five good years since Bose released the highly touted over-the-ear QC35 headphones, the good news is it has finally announced a successor — that’s the QC35 II. 

The Massachusetts audio company, Bose yesterday unveiled the Bose QC45. At first glance, the device seems identical to the previous models, however, it features a collection of slight upgrades to make the overall experience much more pleasing. 

The initial improvement is an upgrade to the battery department, where the manufacturer claims the new QC45s can last wirelessly for up to 24 hours on a single charge. There is also a nice increase from the previously advertised max use time of 20 hours. 

Bose is known for its over-the-ear cans that they’ve always offered a hardwired backup method — what this means is even if you run out of battery, you can still get some decent listening time out of them. Keep in mind that active noise cancellation [ANC] tech only supports a Bluetooth connection and some battery charge. 

The new feature in this year’s model is the AWARE mode — which is similar to Apple’s Transparency mode on the AirPods Pro and Max line. This feature allows you to continuously listen to music with audio passthrough beamed via the external mics into your ears — enabling you to more clearly hear the outside world if there’s a need for you to have a quick chat with a store clerk or be a little more alert when crossing a busy road. 

Ultimately, the company has switched from their usual Micro-USB to USB-C and lauding that a 15-minute charge can offer up to two hours of listening time. 

The QC45 headphones are now available to pre-order with a release on 23 September for $329 in the United States. Note that Information on a UK release has yet to be revealed.