What Cecilia Marfo did to Joyce Blessing was madness ~ music producer fires

Music producer and artist manager, Wei Ye Oteng has tagged Cecilia Marfo’s treatment to Joyce blessing as madness.

According to Oteng, snatching a microphone from the hands of Joyce Blessing during a ministration and telling her to go back to her husband, Dave Joy is a total madness.

He questioned if radio presenter, OB Nartey, who was the man in charge of the program was aware that Cecilia was going to do such a crazy thing in front of all the people who had gathered at Unity Group of Companies annual thanksgiving.

Wei Ye Oteng also blasted Cecilia Marfo for spitting on Joyce Blessing all in the name of delivering what she claims of a prophecy to her in this day and time the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharing the video of Cecilia Marfo’s action the music producer describes as madness, he added the caption: 

“Was OB aware of the madness? Look at him nodding his head behind Joyce, and wasn’t there any security to stop her? looking at the aggression she came on stage with? And look at how close she was spitting on Joyce in this corona season, Joyce had to cover her mouth and nose with a piece of cloth, what the fuck is wrong with us? Oooh God make i end this here.#Otengbeats#WYO#Obrafour#drumlyneent#TheSmoke#behindthesmoke