‘Confused’ is disrespectful no matter the context you use it – Da’ Hammer to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

‘Confused' is disrespectful no matter the context you use it - Da' Hammer to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

Music producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei, known in showbiz as Da’ Hammer has jumped into Shatta Wale’s defence claiming he Arnold Asamoah Baidoo disrespected him on United Showbiz.

“Confused is disrespectful no matter how u spin it, and being a journalist certainly gives u no right to call someone confused.”

According to Hammer, Arnold shouldn’t have tag Shatta Wale as a confused artist — rather he ought to have commented on Shatta’s methods and style peculiar to his opinion and not generalised it.

“If his methods confuse u let it be known cos that would mean it’s relative to u, nothing wrong if his ways confuse u… just don’t try to generalize it as a tag.”

Hammer further stated that he doesn’t subscribe to the notion that Ghana must have one Genre of musical representation, however, he wouldn’t disrespect people [especially Shatta Wale] who feel it is the right way to go.

“Me myself I don’t agree with the idea of one Genre to represent GH but can’t I have that opinion without being disrespectful?”

The astute producer describes entertainment pundits as people who live quiet and imperfect lives—but feels they can have an opinion about people with public life.

“U ppl live quietly behind closed doors with your imperfections and just because someone’s life is public u think u can have an opinion?”

“And the ppl who’ve taken to social media gloating and thinking someone stood up to the giant… saying shatta is not intelligent shatta be idiot, Arnold owned him on the show blah blah etc. you’re just expressing your pain of not being as recognized as he is or having his success. Keep quiet and go and hide in shame he added.”

Da’ Hammer insisted that confused people can run a business and be successful for 8 years with a track record.

“Confused ppl don’t successfully run a business for 8yrs continues with the record of being the hardest working artist we’ve known in recent times. Only levelheadedness brings success and Growth.”