Coronavirus: Samsung Galaxy S20 faces slow sales

Galaxy S20 Ultra features, specs and price

The newly launched flagship from Samsung has reportedly recorded a   slow sales amid the Coronavirus outbreak. The Galaxy S20 is the latest flagship from Samsung that saw a remarkable unveiling is presently not doing well in the market. That’s very stunning, as we’ve never had a Samsung smartphone that performs so adequately on the spec sheet.

While this might be a contributing factor, consumers alone cannot take the blame for the low sales of the device models, but also the Coronavirus spread is a major factor.

Who cares about a smartphone when people dying? The Coronavirus pandemic has diverted the attention of the device received during the unveiling. People are now focused on how to stay alive and healthy rather than buying a fancy smartphone.

People are no longer going to the stores, furthermore, the stores have all been closed down. The ultimate emphasis is now on food and staying alive.

Galaxy S20

Samsung has downplayed the situation, claiming the slow sales of the device has nothing to do with Coronavirus. Samsung believes that sales, in general, has reduced due to the locked-down of stores and factory closures.

(Image credit: TechRadar)
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Apparently, Samsung had anticipated that Galaxy S20 models will see the most sales, however, the Galaxy S20 ultra had the most number of preorders.

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