Diana Antwi Hamilton shares photos of her 70yr-old Mom

Diana Antwi Hamilton
Diana Antwi Hamilton

Award-winning gospel musician Diana Antwi Hamilton has shared some beautiful photos of her gorgeous mother on social media.

She shared these photos on Sunday, May 3, 2020, when she celebrated her 70th birthday.

The one thing we observe from the photos on the Instagram page of Diana Hamilton is that her mother is a very beautiful woman, who looks quite young than her age. Diana Hamilton is a Ghanaian gospel musician with several awards to her name. You can get some of her music here.

She wrote as the caption of the photos sighted: “We were 9 children but we all have our special moments with her. She shows us love in ways I can’t explain. You could share a little problem with her and even forget about it but she won’t stop praying until it’s over. She will then thank God with her signature statement “Yesu W’ay3 W,ade3 ne biom” (Jesus You’ve done your thing again) “Seven years ago after daddy passed, (bear in mind my dad passed a day before my mums 63rd birthday) it looks like my mum has stopped celebrating her birthday but for her to be here with us and alive today, is a miracle so please help me wish this outstanding woman of God a happy 70th birthday “She knows God at an interestingly intimate level. A woman of faith who introduced us to her God from day one. A wise woman with few words but filled with so much wisdom.”