Dr Kwaku Oteng is set to have a 4th wife?

Dr Kwaku Oteng is set to have a 4th wife?

There have been rumours for months, that billionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng has taken a fourth wife called Nana Akosua Achiaa Linda.

The rumours gained more momentum and grounds after Linda went to the funeral of Dr Kwaku Oteng’s mother to exhibits the responsibilities and duties depicting a wife of the owner of Angel Group, Dr Kwaku Oteng.

However, a post Nana Akosua Achiaa Linda has made this morning to wish Samuel Acheampong aka Bronzy, who happens to be the son and CEO of Angel Broadcasting Network a happy birthday is causing a lot of stir online.

Regardless, all the speculations which have evolved in the social media space in the last few months, they have not been actual proof of these rumours.

However, sharing some nice photos of Bronzy on her Instagram this morning, Nana Achiaa referred to Bronzy as ‘My Abeiku’ — a name that is commonly attributed to ‘boys’ by their stepmothers.

The description has in a way confirmed that she might be one of the wives of Dr Kwaku Oteng after all.

She captioned the picture on Instagram: “Happy birthday to Mr dapper @bteflon in fact my abeiku u know I luv u dada❤️❤️❤️ God bless u”