DStv and Netflix, why South Africans ditched DStv

DStv vs Netflix
DStv vs Netflix

Digital satellite television [DSTV] has been the preferred choice for South Africans for many years until the arrival of Netflix. Nonetheless, DStv and Netflix are two different platforms. Already 9/10 South Africans use Dstv. Recently, South Africans have abandoned Dstv and opted for Netflix. Dstv and opted for Netflix.

The latest survey conducted by South Africans suggested that an online streaming service like Netflix is killing satellite TV providers. This is not the first time TV providers are losing the competition to online streaming services. South Africans who are financially constrained have opted for reasonable platforms like Netflix and Showmax ahead of DStv and the reason is affordability.

Reasons Netflix is overtaking Dstv

The survey proved about 70 per cent of South Africans that owned Dstv also have other online movie streaming accounts. It further explained that 50 per cent of South Africans who ditched Dstv were a result of Netflix. The survey also showed they canceled their account due to high-cost subscriptions. However, some users also say, with Netflix, they get first-hand programs without commercials. Programs can also be downloaded and watched offline.

Netflix with its cheaper subscriptions, all of its contents are streamed at 4K. To top it up, the user can stream on up to 4 devices simultaneously. An attempt to salvage the lost battle against Netflix saw the introduction of the Dstv Now app which is available on both Android and iOS. According to my broadband.co.za, the most popular package among DStv users in South Africa is the DStv premium package.

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The advantage DStv has over Netflix.

Dstv offers something Netflix doesn’t have, which is sports, news, entertainment, and kids programs. So the question is would you rather forgo sports, news, entertainment, and kids program for a movie-bound platform, is it worth it? Moreover, it is an online service that requires the internet to work while Dstv is a satellite TV.

Another complaint South Africans have about their streaming platform is, that it takes a little while for new programs to be made available to users. Furthermore, when it does, movie selection depends on your location. What this means is users in the United States and South Africa may not have available the same movie for selection.

In conclusion, both offer great forms of entertainment. The choice may be inspired by your preference. If you are only into movies then an online streaming platform may be your ideal choice. Users with an interest in current affairs, news, sports, and kids program, will prefer satellite TV.

I see the online stream best suited for singles or perhaps young couples without children. On the other hand, satellite television is something for the entire family. You can also share your thoughts in the comment box.