First-time voter Selena Gomez sets to encourage the youths about voting

First-time voter Selena Gomez sets to encourage the youths about voting
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez as part of the get out the vote effort, which encourages young people to be active and excited about voting is casting her vote for the first time this year.

Earlier this week, the “Rare singer ” joined Academy Award-winning director, Damien Chazelle for an hourlong #VotingPowerHour, as part of All In Campus Democracy Challenge, during which Gomez and the thousands of people watching used Outvote to text friends and family members about voting. 

She was recently caught chatting with Timothee Chalamet while he waited in line to vote. 

“my main focus has been this right now, ” she revealed to Chazelle, admitting she was a tad nervous about texting folks but knowing the importance of those real-life connections when it comes to canvassing potential voters. 

You can tell on my social media and everything, obviously, I’m super invested in this right now. It’s been good. I feel hopeful.

Selena Gomez got to meet a couple of “Super Texters,” at the Get Out The Vote event who were all thrilled to be spotlit during the event and given the chance to talk to the young superstar. 

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It was during one of those chats that Gomez shared that her giddiness at getting her ballot a few weeks was because this was her first time voting.

“Honestly, I’m not ashamed to say this, but… I’m kind of… This is my first time, she shared. This is so true and I’m now admitting it to people; my vote counts.

This is obviously why she’s so enthusiastic to get young people who may have felt like her to feel emboldened to cast their vote in the upcoming election. She shared with Super Texters, she hopes she’s reaching young voters— particularly Millennials and Gen Z— who may not otherwise feel like their vote matters.

“When I got my ballot I got really excited, like feeling part of it, ” she told Chazelle. “We want people to use their voice.”

By the end of the broadcast, more than 11, 000 texts were sent.