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Five things single parents should consider before choosing their next partner

Being a single parent is a very difficult task, it involves so many responsibilities such as raising your children and also making time for other personal matters.

Normally the task becomes more difficult when the parent in question is an astute carrier person. 

Child raising is a very important task as the future of every child begins at home. Being a single parent requires devotion and dedication.

In this post, I’ve listed five ways a single parent can combine the responsibility of raising a child and choosing a partner at the same time. 

Choosing a caring partner:  

Every single parents’ priority is his/her child and in choosing a partner, it is very important to consider all those factors.

You don’t want to have a partner who doesn’t like your child [but wants to just have sex with a hot single mom or dad]. Your new partner is not just in for you but he/she also has the responsibility of helping you in the mentoring and shaping your child’s upbringing.

He should be able to accept the child as his own. He shouldn’t be making flimsy excuses when it comes to doing something for your child. If a partner doesn’t make time for his/her stepchild, then he/she is not worth dating. He should be able to care for you as a person and not for what he/she stands to gain in the relationship. 

Go for a single parent: 

When choosing a partner as a single mom or dad, it is very important to choose someone who shares the same ideas, interests, situations, and circumstances as you.

A single mom or dad knows the problems and situations associated with being a single parent.

They wouldn’t yell at you for showing up late on a first date with an excuse for dealing with issues at your child’s school or helping out with homework.

They understand the responsibilities and the task that comes with the upbringing of a child. 

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Choose a partner who is approved by your child: 

Most single parents don’t consider this important, but it is. It is true that you should select someone you love and share a common interest with, but in doing so make sure that the person you want to date or marry is someone who is approved by your child.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose someone you don’t love but instead find someone you love first then give your child the chance to know him/her.

This can be achieved by allowing your child to get to know the person you are interested in, but before you introduce someone to your child, you should make sure, you really know and trust the person. 

Spending quality time with your child: 

Before it was just you and the child, you were like best friends and you do almost everything together.

You never missed her drama or a soccer game for any reason. You helped with homework and practice. For your new relationship to work, it is essential to keep up with the usual routines and even try to improve on it by involving your new partner. 

Instead, go with him/her to his/her games and drama night at school, you can involve the new guy/lady. This will give the child some kind of comfort, security, and assurance that his/her new mom or dad is not in to make his/her life unbearable.  

A partner who is financially stable: 

A proper upbringing of a child is delicate and costly as it involves taking the child to school and making sure he/she is provided with the necessary material to help facilitate learning. There may also be other responsibilities such as paying bills, rent, etc.

To be able to perform all these responsibilities, you would require additional sacrifices to be made. In choosing a partner as a single mom/dad, you have to make the right choice by going in for a partner who will be able to support you financially.

However, this should not be your main reason for choosing a partner as money shouldn’t be in the centre of your relationship.

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Nanaoseiike is a husband, blogger, web developer and a tech enthusiast.

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