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Funny Face sends emotional and heart-warming message to Kwaku Manu and thanks him for helping him during his depression

Actor/producer, Benson Nana Yaw Boateng aka Funny Face has sent a special message to his friend, Kwaku Manu as he celebrates his birthday today.

Amid Funny Face‘s spell with his baby mama and later depressed state, his colleague Kwaku was one of the few who publicly showed a lot of love towards him.

Kwaku Manu  brought his baby mama, Venessa, and three kids from Kumasi to see Funny Face at the Accra psychiatric hospital for their peace talk to happen.

Kwaku Manu oversaw Adebayor, the best friend of Funny Face who almost abandoned him, to see him over there.

As today marks a special day in the life of Kwaku Manu, the ‘Kasoa Trotro’ show creator took to his Instagram page to wish Kwaku Manu all the best and praise him for all he did for him when he was down.

According to Funny Face in his post, Kwaku Manu was there for him when he almost lost her mind as many people even presumed he is mad.

He also revealed his plans of featuring Kwaku Manu in his upcoming TV series “Cow and Chicken”.

Funny Face wrote: 

Happy birthday to ma homie for life 🙌🔥 … @kwakumanubob enjoy for me bro .. thanks for ur support .. remember I told you when I come back from dis 7th Depression … will come hard at everything but in a positive way .. Finally our dream is abt to materialize… KWAKU MANU .. am going to play u as “ CoW “ and I will be the ( Chicken ) in my upcoming Tv series blaster from. SWAAGON ENTERTAINMENT … Ebaaafeyyyyy Punkorrrrrrrrr 🤣 “ COW and CHICKEN “ Tv series is coming back with a bang 🔥 … Kwaku I surprise u ryt ? 😀 .. am grateful for all dat u did for me .. when my wires were touching each other in my head “ doin tit3 tit3 😃🔥🙌 .. u were der for me 🔥 I Dey for u too bro .. happy birthday ma hommie .. Enjoy .. check ur account balance .. am sending u 6 million dollars .. 🤣 siaaa .. if like I see dat money 💴 some before .. u think like I go craze ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 KASOA VANDAMME “ EI Go OVER YOU

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