Galaxy S20 Ultra features, specs and price

Galaxy S20 Ultra features, specs and price

Samsung has unleashed a new baby from its flagship series, Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is the third sequel of smartphones from Samsung after the launch of Galaxy Z Flip in February 14th. Uncharacteristic of Samsung!

Periodically Samsung releases tons of series of smartphones, but in most situations, it does so evenly across all it’s the product line. Thus, the S, A and the J series. The year 2020 has been different from the previous years as Samsung have released three distinctive smartphones from the A series all at one time.

On paper, the Galaxy S20 ultra is the high spec smartphone Samsung has ever made. Notwithstanding its also the most expensive smartphones that the company has ever produced starting at $1399.

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The design of the phone is very isotropic to the galaxy S20 series. It has the exact design and colour. The Galaxy S20 and S20 ultra both come with water and dust resistant feature.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Specs.

S20 Ultra comes with a 6.9-inch QHD OLED display. By distant, the best display on a smartphone right now. It has a small cut-out hole punch gorilla glass 6, display with 240Hz touch response. This makes the frequency with which the phone tracks your finger twice faster than the Galaxy S20.

On a daily usage of the S20 and the S20 ultra, the differences are very trenchant. This phone big compared to the S20, which Samsung explained it is due to the 5000 milliampere battery which supports up to 45W faster charge and the thickness of the device.

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The device is powered by the same snapdragon 865 in the Galaxy S20 with 12/6 GB RAM and 126/513 GB which can be expanded up to 1TB of storage. It has a quad-camera setup with 108MP (wide-angle), 48MP (hybrid optic telephoto lens), 12MP (ultra-wide-angle) rare camera set up. From the box, the Galaxy S20 Utral comes with Android 10.

Differently, the selfie camera goes from 10MP to 40MP with support for the dual video call feature. The S20 ultra 8K 24fps video on the main camera.

Galaxy S20 Ultra can reverse charge. Which means it is capable of charging any device that supports fast wireless charging.

My thoughts on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108-megapixel camera on paper is something that will entice most people to buy this phone. Over the years, it has been proven that a phone doesn’t need to have big numbers of pixels to be able to take great pictures.

Google and iPhones have all had the best smartphone cameras at a particular time with just 12megapixel cameras. The iPhone 11 Pro max and Google Pixel 4 have the best smartphone cameras on the market with just 12 and 16 Megapixel respectively.

There are features like focus/shutter response speed, dynamics range, colour science, lens and zoom, and most of all software optimisation. All these features jointly make a better camera phone and not big number megapixel which may look great on paper but fail to materialise in real life.


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