Worried about getting your favorite Apps to your Huawei Nova 7i, follow these 3 steps

How move apps to Huawei Nova 7i
Huawei Nova 7i

Huawei Nova 7i is a beautiful mobile phones, but it doesn’t come with the normal Google Play Store and services we’re use to on Huawei devices.

Nonetheless, this isn’t going to be a problem because Huawei has built its own App store to enable you to install the necessary/vital applications your device requires to run successfully.

Huawei has moved beyond Google — by not encompassing the Google Play app store and Google Mobile Services (GMS) on its new phones. The tech giant now has its own stable and responsive AppGallery.

The Huawei AppGallery offers exclusive content and free welcome gifts, special in-game events, competitions, prize draws and rewards only for its AppGallery users.

The AppGallery currently has over 420 million active users. Which is very impressive considering the fact that the store was launched a few months ago.

In this post, I’m going to provide 3 steps to help migrate all your favourite apps te your new Huawei Nova 7i smartphone.

Like I said earlier, there are three ways to install apps on your Huawei Nova 7i:

1. Phone clone to install the Apps.

2. Download Apps with HUAWEI AppGallery.

3. Download Apps using third-party third-party APK downloading websites.

1. The fastest way to get your Apps: clone your app to Nova 7i via Phone Clone

For example, if you are are an existing Huawei user, HUAWEI Phone Clone is available for all your apps migration to your new nova 7i. All you need is to connect the two devices using the Phone clone feature to migrate apps from one device to the other.

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2. Download your apps via HUAWEI AppGallery

This is the most secure of installing the app on your Nova 7i. Search the Apps you want to install on your new device via HUAWEI AppGallery and install it. They work in just the same way as any other app store.

3. Access the web version of apps or download from third-party APK websites through the HUAWEI Browser

The HUAWEI Browser comes with a shortcut function on its homepage which allows you to customize and set up your preferred mobile browsing services on your Huawei device.

Since the AppGallery is new some apps may not be available on the App Store, but it is compatible with your phone, given that you find the right platform to download the apps.

Browser to several third-party APK downloading websites such as APKPure, APKMonk, AppTaken and others to download compatible mobile apps to your Nova 7i. You check out some third-party APK downloading websites below.