Ghana education service fires Teacher Kwadwo

Ghana education service fires Teacher Kwadwo

Ghana Education Service has fired professionally trained teacher, Michael Owusu Afriyie, — comic skit creator, who is popularly called Teacher Kwadwo.

Teacher Kwadwo took to his Facebook to make this public disclosure but stated that he will not disclose the exact details of the sack letter due to professional reasons.

He, nevertheless, stated that the reasons cited by his employer for the sack are very funny and as a result, he has decided to go to court to fight the matter with all his power and might.

Teacher Kwadwo explained that this will be a mega fight in the law court between a teacher and the Ghana Education Service.

Read what he posted in full below…

“Okay, so for some “PROFESSIONAL” reasons I can’t post the content of the letter here but all that is in the letter is that My District Education Office through the Ghana Education Service says that, they have sacked me. Their reasons are very funny.

This is going to be the 1st ever TEACHER vs GES fîght in the history of Ghana Education.  Y’all relax because it will be all over the news soon and y’all will know the head and tail of it. Ɛbɛyɛ butubutu”


The primary four teachers have been thorns in the flesh of the Ghana education service. He believes so many things in the institution are done wrong and has always complained about their Modus Operandi, hence started a campaign on social media with the hashtag ‘#FixGES’ which means fix Ghana education service.

On July 24, 2021, he posted on Facebook that despite fighting for the Betterment of Ghana Education from the leaders, his doors were opened to all NGOs willing to come on board to help fix the institution, especially in the rural areas.

Since he campaign that has gained massive support among Ghanaians started, he has been quarried on many occasions by his employers.

Nonetheless, Teacher Kwadwo has stated that he has no intention of quitting his job as a professional teacher as he’s passionate about the profession — he only seeks for some changes to be made, for example, copying of lesson notes instead of the use of a printed copy of that same lesson notes. This he believes could help facilitate teaching and learning.

Now that he has been fired, we will have to see his next line of action. Teacher Kwadwo has already said he’ll fight the case in a court of law.