‘God says I should stop taking alcohol but I’m going to have alcohol’ – born-again Moesha Bodoung [Watch Video]

‘God says I should stop taking alcohol but I'm going to have alcohol’ – born again Moesha Bodoung [Watch Video]

A few months ago Moesha Bodoung declared openly that she has repented and made a decision to become a born-again Christian which gradually became one of the most difficult decisions she has taken.

After she was recently released from the spiritual home she was receiving assistance and the needed help to heal from all the things she was going through, Moesha Bodoung has taken over the Snapchat space with a lot of videos that have left her followers in wonder.

Some of the previous videos she shared caused some social media folks to question her current mental state and her claims of being a born-again Christian, the former slay queen has dropped a fresh video that is causing a big stir.

In the video she shared on her Snapchat page, Moesha is heard saying that she was about to take alcohol — though she knew God is going to disturb her for taking alcohol, there is nothing God can do about it.

She also reveals that she loves to take in alcohol occasionally. This behaviour has affirmed the doubt people had about her repentance.

Moesha added that she was fully aware God did not want her to take alcohol, she was sure that he will understand that she is his stubborn daughter who cannot do away with taking alcohol.

The video after it popped up online has been causing a lot of stir with many netizens at a loss as to what to make of the video.

Watch born-again Moesha Bodoung video below;