‘Don’t have children with People you’re in love with ’ – Yvonne Nelson [Watch video]

‘Don't have children with People you're in love with ’ – Yvonne Nelson [Watch video]

Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson has advised people not to have children with people they are in love with but rather provided some rather unusual views about childbirth and the people who are involved.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s ‘Day Break Hitz’ entertainment review show, Yvonne Nelson said she believes that people should not have children with people they love but rather with people they have respect for.

Yvonne Nelson told Andy Dosty that when love is initiated into any relationship that leads to childbirth one of the parties gets hurt in the long run.

The boss of YN Productions stated that many a time, when people say they are in love and in a relationship, as soon as one of the parties messes up, the other becomes so hurt because the ‘feelings’ were too much.

Yvonne Nelson also pointed out that if both parties however just have respect for themselves, it will become very easy to move on when one commits any big blunder of the sort.

Asked how she was going to have more children as she recently revealed if this was her mentality now, Yvonne stated that she is on the lookout for anyone who has her kind of mentality now and she will be good to go.

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