How frequent should you factory reset your smartphone?

How frequent should you factory reset your smartphone?

This is a question many people ask most frequently. I believe the question should be when do I need to factory reset my phone? You shouldn’t factory reset your phone when unless there’s a need.

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What is a factory reset?

A factory reset is a process taken to reverse the phone to its original software as when it was manufactured. It is also known as a master reset. Factory resets wipe user data and settings from the phone completely.

Now that you understand factory reset, let’s dig deeper into when you need to factory reset

  • After Major Updates

This has become necessary when you get a major operating system update. For example, in the rare instance where the updates change the version of your phone from android 9 to 10 or iOS 12 to 13. Factory resetting after an OS update helps clear cache from the previous edition of the software. Speaking of updates, I’ve grouped all updates into three.

The first updates correct mistakes from a previous update. In other words, updates that fix bugs. The second major OS update changes the version of the operating system being it android, iOS or Windows and lastly security updates or patches.

Patch updates

Patch updates are issued to help fix a particular problem or change how the operating system performs. Most of such updates are a few hundreds of megabytes.

Bug Fixes or Updates

Bug updates correct errors in the operating system by helping improve general functionality and user operations.

Operating system updates

This is the most arduous of all mobile phone updates, it changes the version of the operating system and the general looks of the software. The operating system is mostly pushed via OTA once every year or two. Updates such as this require that you back up user data before carrying on.

  • When you buy a used phone

When you purchase a second-hand phone from a close pal or a phone dealer, it’s important you factory reset. It is possible the previous owner left some settings on the device or perhaps the user subjected the phone to certain practices like downloading and installing apps from unauthorized websites full of malware. Factory resetting the phone will illuminate all those security vulnerabilities and ensures your safety.

  • Low ram even after clearing cache

    It passes off that you’ve got a few apps installed, little or no music and video, but you keep getting prompted that your random-access memory (RAM) Is too low? It could be a bit technical. To the best of my knowledge factory reset normally fixes this kind of trouble.

  • Laggy

When you first had your phone it was firm and smooth. Lately, you’ve noticed delays when you try to open apps and games, sometimes it takes more than five seconds to respond and the general user performance has drastically reduced, making it frustrating to use the phone. If that’s your situation it’s time to factory reset your phone.

  • Virus and Malware

    A mobile phone is a cellular wireless system which makes it virus and malware prone. Most phones in 2019 have inbuilt viruses and malware defence mechanisms, but in that respect, there’s always a loose end somewhere—hence the need to factory reset your phone.

  • Random

    It’s certainly one of my personal favourites. I induce it a point to reset my phone every three to four months, it spikes up the phone and gives the OS a new look. This enhances the overall performance and fluency of the phone.