How to enable call recording on Huawei smartphone

How to enable call recording on Huawei smartphone

Users of Huawei especially EMUI 9 and above have been complaining in the past about the absence of call recording feature in Huawei Smartphones. Well if you are running the latest version of EMUI i.e EMUI 9.0+ you can enable call recording this feature with a simple hack.

All you need to do is to download the given ‘call recording’ APK at the end of this post and install it.

After you’ve successfully installed the Call Recording APK, follow the instructions to turn on the Auto Call recording feature

Open Phone Dialler:

Tap on the dotted menu on Top Right of the Dialler App

Choose Settings from the appeared menu

If you’ve already have installed the Call Recording Apk you will find the Call Recording option as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Toggle the “Auto Record Calls” option as indicated below.

You can also choose to enable call recording only from specified numbers by using the “Auto Record Settings” feature

In the Listed Numbers option you can add numbers from which you want to record the calls

Add the numbers in the List or you can also make Groups from which you want to call records

Additional Information:

If you have already updated your device to EMUI 10/Android 10 without installing the call recording APK first, you will not be able to use the Call Recording Feature.

Nonetheless, there is still a way to install the APK. To enable call recording on your Huawei smartphone, you will have to Downgrade your EMUI version to EMUI 9.1/9/.0 and first install Call Recording APK and after installation, you can update your Huawei smartphone again to EMUI 10.

Again, note that the APK does not support EMUI 8.0 or below, therefore any attempt to install the apk on any Huawei smartphone with this version will cause stability issues on your Huawei smartphone. You may also not be able to enable call recording, make any calls or record any call unless you uninstall the Call Recorder APK. 


Install the app at your own risk as this method is not approved officially by Huawei, therefore, will not be liable for any damage done to your device during this process. Moreover, note that it is illegal in certain countries by law to record phone calls.

Download APK here

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