How to set alarm on Apple watch

Apple watch
Apple watch

When an alarm is set the on the iPhone, it signals on your Apple Watch too. A lot of times, that could be reasonable for several owners.

However, you need to be close to the iPhone to help make ot easy. If you happen to leave your iPhone in a lockbox, or perhaps you are far away from it when it sounds, the Watch will not help. Want instructions that will make it happen easily? Follow these simple steps

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  • Raise your wrist.
  • Say these words, “Hey, Siri, set an alarm for…” and name your preferred time.
  • Or say “Hey, Siri, set an alarm called…” and say your preferred time and name for it.
  • Confirm that Siri revealed a green “ON.” toggle.

That final part is key as the very last thing Siri shows users on their Apple Watch screen after setting an alarm is “OK” or “I’ve done that,” plus an on/off toggle. Just make sure it is on.