How to transfer WhatsApp chats to Signal

How to transfer WhatsApp chats to Signal

Signal is an encrypted messaging app that offers secure messaging, voice, and video calls with end-to-end encryption.

It allows one to one or group messages that can include files, voice notes, videos, images, voice calls and video calls.

Although users switching over from a different chat platform to Signal can’t take all their media and messages with them, they can easily set up a new group chat.

Users can use this service to move all of their WhatsApp group members to the Signal app.

Transfer WhatsApp group chats to Signal

To transfer WhatsApp group chats to signal, follow this procedure. You should note that Signal only allows users to transfer WhatsApp group chat members and not the conversations.

  1. Open Signal, tap on three dots in the top right corner and create a group on the app
  2. Add a name to the new created, add the contacts you want on the Signal group chat
  3. Go to the new Signal group chat box, tap on three dots in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’, and then click on ‘Group link’
  4. Turn on the toggle for the group Link and then tap on ‘Share’
  5. Finally, open your WhatsApp group chat and paste the group link
  6. With the new Signal group link, anyone can get access to the Signal group from the WhatsApp chat. Not only WhatsApp, the Signal group chat link can work on other apps as well


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