“I don’t have a management team, I am my own management” – Shatta Wale

“I don’t have a management team, I am my own management” – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has revealed in a new Facebook post that he doesn’t have a management team and this has greatly shocked netizens.

This is because given his huge persona and influence as one of the forerunners of the music industry, it comes as a shock to connoisseurs and music fans that he has no organizational structure to oversee his professional activities.

Shatta Wale made this disclosure on his Facebook page while reacting to a report that Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) headed by Rex Omar has announced that they owe him royalties totaling ₵30,000 for all the years he has been a commercial artist, starting from his Bandana days in 2004 during a recent interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

Wale posted;

“Pls Ghamro I don’t have management ooo ,I am my own management pls don’t let anybody come take my money in the name of Shatta wale,I will use it to pay my TAX cuz the way GRA is on my neck like a thief I haven’t seen some before !!! I am using all this money to file my tax cuz I can’t bare the pressure anymore from them ..Show them this and let them know ,this what my music has brought me for the past years so they willl stop pressuring my life ..There is no money in our industry and the little we make too the system takes it ..Thank you GHAMRO for this transparency!!”