Infinx Vs Tecno Phones

When Tecno penetrated the smartphones market in 2006 they really made an instant impact. Most of the phones they produced were serving only two major purposes
Infinix tecno


When Tecno penetrated the smartphones market in 2006 they created an instant impact. Most of the phones they produced were serving just two major purposes (Making a phone call and listening to the radio)

What actually helped their brand was the introduction of the Phantom 6. It was 5.5-inch screen with1080 x1920 pixels resolution. It offered 3GB of ram with android 6(marshmallow).


A few years later they had taken over the smartphones market in Ghana and Nigeria, there emerged Infinix mobility. Now both comapnies hold 30 percent of the smartphone market in Africa with Nigeria and Kenya being their highest consumers.

Tecno and infinix are companies targeting at producing budget phones. Frequently you’ll realise that consumers of those two brands are budget-conscious. This gives them a competitive advantage over the top-notch phone manufacturing companies like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google and OnePlus.

Infinix was founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings inChina. Meaning 3 years after Tecno, an Infinx was born. Just like every new phone manufacturing company, they both started with lower-end phones.

One thing most people aren’t aware of is the fact that infinix and Tecno belong to one individual. Their situation is quite different from Samsung’s owner Lee Byung-chull, and LG’s founder, Koo In-Hwoi.

For Lee Byung-chull and Koo In-Hwoi, they were just in-laws with two different tech mentality. With Tecno and infinix they’re both owned by a Chinese company.

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Isn’t it surprising that both companies use Mediatek Chipset? Many times they share the same shop, not only that, but they also use one technical support (Carlcare service). And then sometimes you’ll go to an Infinx shop only to find Tecno phones on display.

Infinix is powered by an android with Xos UI while Tecno is powered by an android with Hios UI. One other similarity between the two tech giants is their system of the package. Both companies include free screen protector, transparent cover in their new line of phones.

Xos by Infinix

Both Infinix and Tecno are great companies with quality phones. Their OS updates are very constant. They both have a platform where customers, channel their displeasure to (Tecno spot and Xclub). Tecno and Infinx also give warranty for their products. Their customer service support is impeccable.

In closing, if you’re looking for a phone with great battery life, quality camera, smooth operating system and easy customisation then Tecno and Infinx are for you.