‘Instagram kids’ development paused

'Instagram kids' development paused

Instagram has today, 27th September announced today that it’s discontinuing the development of the ‘Instagram Kids’ version of the app. Instagram claims there are worries from parents and other child advocacy groups. 

BuzzFeed, in March first published that Facebook-owned company’s plans to develop an under-13 only variation of Instagram [Instagram kids] which would be centered around parental supervision — determining who their child can follow, direct message, and more.

Nonetheless, coming after the rather damning report published by the Wall Street Journal last week, the company has since been pressured and asked to respond to child advocacy groups.

Regardless, the WSJ report finds that already, Instagram is aware of the negative effect that the app has on the younger demographic – especially teenage girls. 

The reports point to a large portion of young users developing an increase in negative mental health traits following their introduction to the app, such as depression, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders, among others. 

Since word from the company first sprung that a child-only version would be made available soon, the majority of parents, lawmakers, and other child safety groups vehemently rejected the idea, citing distrust of the Silicon Valley firm to actually do it justice.