Is Amerado dating Delay?

Is Amerado dating 39-year-old Delay?

Could this be that the Ghanaian rapper Amerado, originally known as Derrick Sarfo Kantanka has finally expressed his feeling about Deloris Frimpong Manso, known in showbiz as Delay?

Well, for some time the 26-year-old Oseikrom rapper on social media has exclusively given his followers confirmation which seems to imply he’s been in romantic relations with Delay.

Both Delay and Amerado have been posting each other on social media which in effect could mean a lot of things — either they want to trend amidst the speculation by keeping Ghanaians on a loop or they are dating.

Nonetheless, their recent post on social media does cozen the furtive love they have for each other — which is normal for two adults.

Amerado share a tweet confirming with love emojis caption that he is dating Delay, following a similar post shared by Delay where he accompanied a photo of Amerado with love emojis.

Social media posts from the rapper and media personality Delay confirm that there is something amative going on between the two entertainment personalities.

For example, Delay’s new post on Twitter gives insight details with regards to the relationship she is starting with the young rapper.

Their alleged affair going on between them started just this year when Delay shared videos and photos on social media which indicated that she had found love at last.

Before, Delay was mocked and ridiculed because she had failed to settle down even at a very older age. She had also promised that love would surely find her and it has become obvious that Amerado is the guy in the picture. Amerado wrote a Facebook post with the caption;

Delay does not mean denial! Be patient- it will happen.

This could be interpreted in many ways, but for me my understanding is, the young man was assuring Delay of his love, allusively telling her the long wait for love is finally over irrespective of their age difference.