Kennedy Agyapong warns Cecilia Marfo for spitting into peoples’ mouth

Kennedy Agyapong and Cecilia Marfo
Kennedy Agyapong and Cecilia Marfo

Kennedy Agyapong has sent out a strong signal to Gospel musician Cecilia Marfo, to be careful over spitting in people’s mouth as part of her healing process.

“We cannot allow this woman especially in the era of COVID-19, allow her to be spitting into people’s mouths. It is so disgusting,” Kennedy Agyapong said on Net 2 TV, Monday, June 1.

“…Are you mad?” Agyapong charged.

Kennedy Agyapong wondered where Cecilia Marfo, whose church is located at Afiayen, a suburb of Greater Accra Region, obtained that fake healing power from.

“Get ready, I’ll face you. You’re deceiving the public, deceiving the people in this country. When I start with Cecilia Marfo, I don’t want anybody to come and tell me that she is a woman,” the MP warned.

He put in that Marfo’s modus operandi is a “disgrace to women”.

Mr. Agyapong warned that if Cecilia Marfo tries challenging him, he will reveal a lot about her.

The MP for some time now has been constant in uncovering some tricksters parading themselves as men of God, who take Ghanaians for granted, and hide behind the pulpit while opulently amassing wealth from their congregants.

Kennedy Agyapong believes that it is time for him to use his medium to emancipate the minds of the weak from some wicked actions by the obviously fake pastors.

He has said that he has no goal of targeting churches.

“Why will I target churches, why will I target pastors…not all pastors are fake. There are genuine ones but there are fake ones like Obinim, like Badu Kobi. I can talk about these two people because I’ve done the investigation, and I have a lot of evidence against them,” Kennedy Agyapong said in a recent interview.

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