Kidi sacked from Accra FM studio for showing up late for interview


Nana Romeo, host of Accra FM’s mid-morning show, ‘Welewele’ on Thursday morning lambasted Kidi for showing up very late for an interview he had booked with the musician.

The host, who felt Kidi disrespected himself and his loyal listeners attacked Kidi. According to the host, it was not the first time Kidi put up such behaviour.

However, Kidi revolted and expressed that the attacks on him were unfair, especially when the delay was not invention. Even so, Nana Romeo did not seem to budge.

Kidi was later permitted to tell his piece and made to apologize to the listeners of the show for his failure to come early on the show.

Nana Romeo signed out and cancelled the interview due to lack of time. Kidi, looked quite sad and disappointed walked out of the studio.