Koo Fori and his daughter, asantewaa drop a funny video

Koo Fori and his daughter, asantewaa drop a funny video about ‘f00ling’

Ghanaian actor, Koo Fori and his daughter, Asantewaa have for the first-time linked up to give social media users a gleeful video.

Asantewaa, who happens to be a popular Tik-Tok star in Ghana and a professional nurse is the biological daughter of Koo Fori, irrespective of some resolved family issues.

Few months after gracing the social media space with some nice family photos of themselves not long ago, they have furthermore teamed up to drop a skit.

Over the years, Koo Fori has been know for craving many ribs with his hilarious acting skills. It is no surprise to me that this link up with his daughter, Asantewaa, who is also insanely funny makes the skit a must-watch.

Watching the video, one will agree that Asantewaais indeed is a chip off the old block with regards to her acting skills.

Koo Fori picked up his famous drunk character in this video, whilst Asantewaa acted as a daughter who was protesting something her father was saying.

In the video, Koo Fori confronted his daughter, Asantewaa about her desire to ‘fool’ a lot on social media and added that he was getting calls from people that she was fooling too much.


Asantewaa hilariously said, she looks like him and as such, she picked that from him.

Check out the hilarious video below

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