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Lydia Forson shares experience of how a male fan prowled her for years

Award-winning actress Lydia Forson has narrated how one of her fans kept close tabs on her and even became more like a stalker for many years.

The Side Chick Gang actress took to her Twitter handle to tell a story of how she was stalked by a fan who would even go to the extent of calling her on phone to tell her that he was watching her.

In a hashtag she created and named it #letstalkaboutitwithlydia, Lydia Forson wrote: 

I had one who would follow me everywhere and call to tell me he was watching me. That time we didn’t register phones so I couldn’t trace him. When I tried reporting they laughed. It stopped when I eventually moved The stories di33 plenty. This maybe funny but it’s creepy.

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Adding to it in a retweet, the actress pointed out that she was not the only one who had experienced such diehard fans who eventually turned into stalkers and get wild obsessions.

I’m sure I’m not the only public figure with a story like this. I have so many more. Sadly people think stalking is funny/ cute until you’re in a club and someone corners you saying “you’re my girl” and tries to take you away( yep happened to me).

Lydia Forson added.

Lydia Forson’s story comes on the back of a diehard fan of actress Jackie Appiah, who came all the way from the Volta Region of Ghana to meet her.

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According to Jackie, the fan had been stalking her for up to 7 months and had relocated to Accra just so he could be close to her.

She was heard in a video asking the fan what he wanted from her.

The fan who was blushing and smiling also gave the actress a portrait of a pencilled impression of Jackie.

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