Man gets his manhood bitten by a snake while sitting on the toilet

Man gets his manhood bitten by a snake while sitting on toilet

A teenager from Thailand was bitten by a snake on his manhood while sitting on the toilet. Siraphop Masukarat as he’s identified said he felt a sharp pain on his manhood while he was sitting on the toilet and at the same time watching videos on his phone on Tuesday, September 8.

In an interview with Daily Mail, he talked about the horrifying suffering he went through. Siraphop told Daily Mail that he only found out he was bitten by the reptile when he saw its head bud from the toilet bowl.

I was using the toilet but a few moments after I sat down, I suddenly felt pain in my penis. I looked down and saw there was a snake hanging in the toilet. Then there was blood everywhere.

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Siraphop after the incident was rushed to the hospital where doctors suggested three stitches at the tip of his manhood—and was later given an antibiotic.

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His mother, however, was shocked at the incident and found no words to explain how the fatal animal got into her house and into the toilet.

It could have been through the drain connected to the toilet. I know the snake really hurt my son but I’m relieved it was only a non-venomous python. If it was a cobra, he would be dead.

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