Media Commission dispels reports about banning fetish priests from advertising on TV

National media commission
National media commission

The National Media Commission (NMC) has dispelled information circulating social media and some mainstream media that, it has banned fetish priests from advertising on television.

Executive Secretary of the Commission, George Sarpong, in a statement said, no such directive had been meted out to fetish priests, therefore, such information must be disregarded.

“The story did not attribute its source to any named person within the Commission thereby, raising questions about source credibility.”

Mr Sarpong also clarified that, the Commission is an autonomous body, hence, it will be unconstitutional should the President or any other person or body, order the NMC to carry out any action.

“The Commission’s Guidelines on Religious Broadcasting contain no provision which could remotely be interpreted to mean what is claimed in the fake news,” he added.

He further expressed worry over the recent rise in fake news in the Ghanaian mainstream media. Professional journalists must always be concerned about the authenticity of the source before disseminating the news, he stated.